My grandparents lived in Astoria, New York, in a two-family home.  The home was warm and welcoming, but it wasn’t furnished with the goal of entertaining children. It did, however, contain tall stacks of National Geographic magazines and I would get lost in them for hours.  In those days, National Geographic magazines were something sacred: the storytelling, the images – even the physical paper – seemed like a treasure, something special brought back in a steamer trunk from a far-off land.  Ultimately, it’s that inspiration that led me to a career in photography.

Temple of Heavenly Peace, China

Temple of Heavenly Peace, China

Although I had done some limited travel overseas as a child, the world really began to open up for me when I joined the Associated Press in 1994. Personal travel has taken me to South Africa, Belize, Guatemala, Spain, Morocco, Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico, while business travel has taken me to Germany, France, China, Brazil, the Netherlands the UK and throughout the U.S.  I’ve spent time getting to know 18 countries and over 50 major cities: a relatively small portion of the world, but enough to get some important life experiences, often with a camera in hand.

I’m always interested in tips related to backpack journalism, photography, and solo travel, and hope to share what I discover myself through trip reports, technology reviews, and other articles.

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